The choice of the webcam model’s pose mainly depends on your appearance. The rule is simple-hide what looks less attractive and bring to the fore what will attract the client.

Advice! Practice at home or in the studio by the mirror. See how well-known models and bloggers do it. After all, even the most beautiful, at first glance, figure also has flaws. But the models just know how to hide them. Because they train for hours.

Posing is an industry! Take, for example, a fitness bikini. This requires a lot of attention, concentration, and time. But in a beautiful perspective, the key to successful earnings of any model. However, there are some general rules.

Posing rules for web models
The first rule is to keep a sufficient distance from the camera. A popular mistake for beginners is that they only show their face. This is because not all studios are equipped with wireless mice and keyboards, which are necessary for the web model to communicate with the members.

Experienced girls show the camera at least a bust and part of the waist – again, it all depends on your figure. If you have, for example, small breasts, but a beautiful waist and hips-sit further away from the camera so that they get into the frame.

Webcam model pose in front of the camera
There are four basic positions in front of the webcam: sitting, reclining, lying or standing. Most often, when communicating in a free chat, girls sit, showing their face and body part. Or they take a reclining position on a bed, chair, or sofa.

In a private chat, it is better to show the client completely. To demonstrate the figure, a lying position with support on the elbow is well suited. At the same time, if you have long, slender legs, then you can lie down with them forward to the camera. And if you have an appetizing shape, then lie on your stomach and lean on your elbows so that you can see the cleavage area.

If you have to turn around a little in front of the camera or dance – take a standing position. At the same time, you can lean on a table, wall or chair. Try to look natural and elegant. To do this, practice in front of the mirror before the private show starts.

The standard angle for shooting is considered to be straight. Sometimes, showing the bust is advantageous to point the camera from top to bottom, but this arrangement is rarely suitable for showing the face.

The most unfortunate angle is from the bottom up. It can ruin even a very good figure. Try to see both the face and the body most of the time in the frame.

Experiment with the angles and watch in which poses the most customers come to the account. Collect traffic data and use it to determine the most profitable poses.

And if you want to go through training on the correct posing, image selection and get to work-feel free to fill out the questionnaire. Our administrator will contact you soon!

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