The next important aspect of getting started in the field of web modeling is setting the lighting. If you do not choose the right lighting, the camera will not be able to transmit a high-quality, beautiful image. And the lack of proper lighting can spoil the first impression of the client. This means to deprive the web model of part of the earnings.

Advice! The first important tip is to adjust the direction of the light. The light should be directed at the model, not at the camera. In order to fully control the lighting, you will need an artificial light source. That is why an ordinary ceiling lamp is not suitable for work. Such light will only unprofitably emphasize the shadows on the face and highlight the imperfections of the figure.

Artificial lighting for webcam work
Also, professional web models do not go out to chat in normal daylight from the window. First, you won’t be able to control the light level this way. Because the sun may come out, which will light up the picture. Or vice versa – the sky will be covered with clouds and it will become too dark. And this problem we have in St. Petersburg almost always.

In addition, models often work in the twilight or at night. Here you will definitely need artificial lighting for the web model to work. And in the process of working, you should not depend on such factors. By the way, our studio has selected special professional lighting for working as a web model. You can try working in our studio.

Softbox-a professional assistant for a web model
The optimal light source in this case will be a soft box. The main advantage of such a device is that the model gets a soft, uniform light – it sets off the skin color favorably, allows you to emphasize makeup and adds saturation and juiciness to the picture. The cost of soft boxes-from $ 200 and above.

Another common misconception is that the semi – darkness in the cell creates an intimate atmosphere. In real life, this is often the case, but on the camera you will only achieve a deterioration in the image quality, which will not please the client at all.

The conclusion from this information is as follows: the lighting should be directed at the model, and the light should be moderately bright, uniform. The lighting in the room, preferably, is exclusively artificial. Take the tips to work and come to our studio!

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