Many experienced models with a high level of earnings often make fun of newcomers who decorate the workplace of a webcam model with carpets.

By the way, this problem is not only found in newcomers to webcams 😃

Background of the web model workplace
Of course, the background for the work should be carefully thought out. This is necessary in order to serve as the background, that is, the background. This means emphasizing the image of the model without distracting the client’s attention from it. Often, customers pay attention to the background. In addition, it plays a role in creating the right atmosphere. Therefore, pay attention to the design of the room in which the work takes place.

Advice! If you use bright, high-quality lighting, make sure that the background is solid. It can be light bed shades. We do not recommend using photo wallpapers, for example, with landscapes, animals, or views of popular cities. It will be distracting.

Workplace and atmosphere in the room
It is important that everything looks clean and tidy. It is best to install the camera in a room near a sofa or chair at torso level. If you do not have beautiful furniture and there is no way to buy it-buy a bedspread and a few pillows. Also, the way out of this situation can be to work on the background of the screen. And if you do not have the desire and means to do new things, leave a request to us in the studio.

You can create a background using soft toys – this way the workplace will be filled with some comfort. And you will look more young and cute, which often attracts the attention of customers.

The main focus of the client belongs to the model, but the background can spoil all the efforts to select clothes and makeup. Beautiful lace underwear is unlikely to look so good against the background of an old bedspread. Also, make sure that the room is not cluttered.

Do not complicate the picture with unnecessary details. Of course, pillows, a beautiful bedspread, flowers, additional lamps, and paintings will help to create comfort in the interior. But the main thing is not to pile up the room. It should look lively, but at the same time light and simple.

What or who is in charge of the web model’s camera lens?
Try to make the background as simple and neat as possible. At the same time, focusing all the attention on yourself. Use additional body jewelry such as chokers, stockings, belts, cat ears, carnival masks.

Advice! 💗 Do not use objects in the interior that will reflect light. These can be glossy surfaces, films, mirrors, phone screens, tablets, bottles, glasses, etc. This may adversely affect the quality of the transmitted image.

It is best if the background is in harmony with the image you have created. Try to create an environment in which you will feel as comfortable as possible while working. The free behavior of the model during communication gives the client the opportunity to feel comfortable. And the more comfortable the client is, the more time he will want to spend alone with the model. And private time is the key to good earnings for a web model.

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