The first and most important rule in choosing makeup and clothing web models-individual selection. You can standardly recommend making bright lip makeup and wearing stockings. However, not all girls will suit this image. Since the types of appearance and figure are all different.

Focus on the face
The selection of the image takes place depending on what the main focus is in the work. It can be a face or a body. If the face is most often visible in the frame, then choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type. The cream will mask all imperfections and will not allow the skin on the nose, cheeks and forehead to shine greasily in the frame. Also consider using false eyelashes. After all, they visually enlarge the eyes and look good in the camera. The accent on the lips can be both a bright lipstick of red shades, and colors in the style of nude.

It is best to use makeup in more natural colors. Because customers will rarely appreciate the bright pink arrows on their eyes. Or black lipstick, as in the video tutorial on Instagram. Remember that cosmetics should maximize your appearance. While remaining as inconspicuous as possible. Do not focus on the fact that you have several layers of cosmetics on your face.

Focus on the body
In the second version, “clothing and makeup of a web model” – the emphasis is placed on the body. This option is most often chosen by web models to attract more customers.

To communicate in a free chat, a moderately open dress is best suited. This dress should emphasize your figure. Everything is simple here. If you have long, beautiful legs – a short dress or shorts. Appetizing and attractive breasts – deep cleavage. And for each of the options, the appropriate angle and always the right lighting!

For private communication, you will need a set of beautiful underwear. As well as additional accessories in the form of belts, stockings, belts and other jewelry. Still attract the attention of small elements in the style of sadomasochism. This can be a choker around your neck or a whip in your hands. Try to use clothing to emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide the shortcomings. With the right pose and clothes that correctly accentuate the attention, you can hide the imperfections of the figure and please the client.

In our experience of working in the webcam studio of St. Petersburg, we have compiled a VIP list. In the section “Clothing and makeup web models”, the main popular and most unusual images are selected. All of them are perfect for a web model show.

Do you want to know which ones? Leave a request on our website and we will invite you to an interview in our cozy studio.

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